Thursday, 7 June 2012

People can survive on work.. Ages reminds me of great people who really
worked and no doubt their's still the footprints on the sand of times. My mother
did told me to be great in whatever I do but why am I telling you this,this is
 exactly what every marvelous mother do. Today out of nowhere I realized
I was being chased by the horrid dreams of doing nothing great. I stepped
out just to find if their was something great to do.Firing myself in the shrude
sunlight I end up red and lost.I thought to myself in continuous mode of all
the living creatures "If I were _____". Again the "were" in the context reminded
me of its impossibility.Sadly I thought theirs nothing else I can be than being
ME. "Me" I ain't that bad! I ain't no reason of misery to myself!
When theirs no possibility of getting into someone else's shoes or working hard on
 a talent you don't have.
Why not introduce yourself to "you" and know what your capable of.I have
met many creatures of god and everyone is something above all.I discovered
I can write things.I had always been into writing something or the other.
Never knew its something that only some people are capable of.
I can spill over my heart and mind on pages.Of course!I am a bad orator,I have
always been.May be this turn out to be something great for me to do.
 So heres my first blog for you folks.Hope you read it and inspire me to
write more and I can bet Law of Karma will apply here(What goes
around comes around) and I might inspire you by my anonymous
thoughts about different stuffs at some point of your life and I am quite
sure I will...